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Newtrend is a company founded in 1987 which manufactures personalized sportswear as well as a wide range of accessories. It works for many sports teams and enthusiasts of the following fields: cycling, running, cross-country skiing, triathlon, free time.

Strongly convinced that “Made in Italy” products are a guarantee of good quality, Laura Rota and Domenico Ventrice, the company owners, create exclusive technical sportswear and pay the outmost attention to the selection of materials, from fabrics to yarns, buying them from the most qualified producers and working them in their workshop where also final packaging is carried out.

Attention to quality is also assured by a skilled and trained staff.

The company has grown as a reliable and appreciated partner of Italian clubs as well as foreign ones thanks to its large experience and its know-how. In fact, Newtrend has carried out important business cooperation with Swiss, Brazilian and French distributors.

The enterprise informs its customers about all steps of manufacturing process: from the model analysis, the material selection to  the final creation. So service is customized and complete.


- staff skills

- attention to details

- punctuality

- selection of excellent technical materials


1987 – Newtrend start up. Its main activity was manufacture of sweatshirts and jogging clothing.

In The 90’s – manufacture of sportswear in partnership with well-known brands: Castelli, Shimano, Descente, Craft.

From 2000 on  – manufacture of sportswear for amateurs groups, sport clubs. Collaboration with important international distributors.

2009 - Newtrend won the prize BENCHART – EXCELLENCE IN LOMBARDY REGION for its respect of the environment. The company was appreciated for its low impact production and eco- friendly products


Newtrend  is able to customize sports clothing, both for athletes and amateurs, in many disciplines such as cycling, running, triathlon and cross-country skiing.

The enterprise selects the most advanced materials to guarantee comfort, perspiration and drying when the body is in motion. The materials, which allow outdoor  activities in all type of weather conditions, can vary with sports activity and athlete performance.

New Trends has a recent and large experience in personalized sportswear. So it can offer a wide range of garments for spare time and promotional events: t-shirts, sweatshirts, polo shirts, wind-jackets, caps. Garments are designed on customers’ demand and requirements (sports exhibition, events, congresses).